Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

The battery forms an essential part of your car and it is vital to have the correct car battery to run properly.

A common brand is the Duralast battery which I use in my car.

The battery is known by most car enthusiast and is a reliable battery.

I will review the battery and answer some essential questions that most car owners would love to know.

Are the Duralast Batteries long-lasting?

The duralast brand is a familiar brand from AutoZone. AutoZone is known for producing quality products that have a long life.

The duralast batteries are divided into several grades, which have several prices.

The duralast batteries have the gold, platinum and the elite series, where they all come with a lifetime warranty to help seal their confidence in the battery.

In addition, they are specially designed to handle different car performance.

They are premium brands to meet the driver’s expectation, and they are a little expensive.

Who makes Duralast Batteries?

The batteries are owned by AutoZone, but Jonson controls manufacture them.

Johnson controls makes the batteries and sells them to AutoZone, who are the leading retailers.

The recently renewed a five-year contract to keep on supplying the batteries

Johnson Control.

The manufacturer is an American based company whose headquarters are in Ireland.

The company is spread out the six continents and operate in over 2000 location.

The company’s profit was stated to be at 2.4 billion dollars as of 2018.

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However, the battery division was sold to  Brookfield business partners.

The company has constantly penetrated the market with new strategies that will work and help improve the Duralast brand.

Available Duralast Brands

There are different type of brands based on the material, and each have a different price.

I am going to look at the other duralast brands available in the market.


They are the standard and readily available brand.

They contain standard features such as start features, vibration resistance and longevity.

They are suitable for someone who is trying to save on the price of the battery.

Duralast Gold

The gold option is a higher brand for someone who does not want budget-friendly batteries.

They are heavier since they contain more lead plates that help them decrease the vibration and offer efficiency and smoothness in the car.

They are suitable for heavy vehicles that have heating problems.

Their warranty is higher and is a good brand

Duralast Platinum

 They are the most expensive of the brand and offer a premium service.

They contain an absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), which help in conserving and saving fuel.

Today’s world starts and stops technology where they can shut off the engine when stationary and start when the driver presses the gas pedal.

The battery is highly reliable in areas of cold temperatures and has less vibration.


The duralast battery is one of the best batteries in the market.

They contain features that help in reducing the vibration in the car.

They come in three brands that are best suited to your needs and requirements. I

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I love duralast and will recommend it to anyone who wants the brand.